How to become a patient

To become a new patient, please read the following and complete the Bio-Identical Questionnaire located below.

Scheduling an Appointment

There are three appointment types available to you:

  1. Initial appointment/consultation - This is the initial office visit and will last approximately one hour. The cost is $250. Blood testing and saliva testing will be ordered at this appointment. The majority of the blood testing should be covered by insurance. The saliva testing is $210. This is for a full saliva panel which will be done every 6 months on every patient.

  2. First follow up appointment - This visit will be about four weeks after your initial consultation. At this appointment, the provider will interpret your test results and create an individualized treatment plan for any hormonal imbalances you may have. It will last approximately 45 minutes and the cost is $200.

  3. Subsequent follow up appointments - After the first two appointments, you will typically be seen every 3-4 months, once your symptoms and hormones are stabilized. It will last approximately 30 minutes and the cost is $150.

Please click on the "My Patient Now" button below to be directed to our patient portal. Follow the directions to become registered. After accessing the portal, you will be able to schedule your appointments online. If you wish to have a virtual telehealth appointment instead of in person, please refer to the Telehealth page on this website for additional information.

Once you have completed the consent forms on the portal and made your initial appointment, please fill out the bio-identical questionnaire. Submit the completed questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

If this questionnaire is not returned prior to your first appointment, you will need to reschedule.

Please click the button below to complete our secure online form.


Although we do not participate with any insurance programs, a portion of your office visits and blood work may be covered by your insurance company. You may find this information out by calling your insurance provider and asking them if BHRT is covered. If so, we will provide you with an itemized invoice at the time of your visit or via email.

We have opted out of all Medicare/Tricare programs. Therefore, patients are NOT permitted to submit claims to any Medicare or Tricare programs for reimbursement.


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